Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free Digis For Thursday - Bears

Well, let's see how many bear digis I've drawn since I started doing my digis shall we????  :o)

I'll run the bear digis today and tomorrow...there are quite a few.  Post on this post how many there are on Thursday and Friday (all together) for a chance to win some stickers from my stash.


  1. There are 15 Bear digi drawings for Thursday and Friday.

  2. Cute litte digi's, thanks for sharing.
    Hope you soon find out what's wrong with Megan and that she's better soon.
    Congrat's on your promotion at work.

    If you count the Koala as a bear there are 15 bears but the Koala isn't really a bear, its a marsupial so there's really only 14.

    Have a great weekend.