Thursday, July 12, 2012

Poor Baby Meghan

Well I took miss Meghan to the Children's Hospital yesterday to get her checked out since she had ANOTHER episode at her preschool.  They think that she may have childhood Vertigo, which would explain her symptoms.  I have to take her to a neurologist next week to confirm if that's what's going on.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot they can do about it if that's what it is.  At least she feels better when she lays down and she should grow out of it.


  1. Hope Meghan feels better soon. She is in my prayers.


  2. Oh no, I had this as an adult, not fun at all. I was put on meds for a while and eventually it just went away. Hope it works itself out quickly.

  3. I hope that she will be feeling better very soon! My heart goes out to her. I have Meniere's Disease and vertigo is an awful thing to experience. Does she have any allergies? Some people are very sensitive to mold in buildings etc... My mother used to have occasional vertigo spells until she started taking clariton for allergies. I do hope she stops having vertigo very soon!!! I hope she gets some relief quickly!!! (((HUGS to you both!)))