Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy Crafting Weekend

Well I had a pretty busy crafting weekend.  I got a lot of projects started, but didn't have time to complete everything.  I also came up with some great ideas for new projects.

I worked on the wrist pin cushions.  I didn't have any kind of pattern, so it took me awhile to get into a groove of how I wanted to make them.  Some of them I'm not really happy with, but overall I think I came up with a good plan on how I want to make them in the future.  I plan on doing a number of them for Christmas gifts as I love the idea of having a pin cushion so handy during sewing projects.  I always put the pins in my mouth and inevitably end up poking my tongue.  This will probably be much safer as long as I don't ram a pin into my arm instead of my wrist.

I was so excited about the t-shirt yarn project.  I spent the time to tie die the old t-shirts first so I would end up with a great variegated yarn.  I used red and yellow tie die, which turned out pink and light yellow since I got impatient and didn't let them sit the whole 8 hours to set.  I actually like the pink better than deep red anyway, so we'll say I did this on purpose.  I started making an awesome crocheted bowl out of the t-shirt yarn that I plan on using at my desk at work.  It will be great to keep paper scraps in.....or it MAY end up being a fake flower vase.  It just depends on where my inspiration goes as I crochet.  I don't follow a pattern for crocheting, I just sort of make it up as I go and see what it turns into as different things inspire me.

The multiple decoupage projects that I worked on took up a lot more time than I thought they would.  The chest that I am doing is around a foot wide, so it's not really small. It definitely took a long time to cover it all.  The little decoupage baby box will eventually turn into a cute accordion mini album that I will take pictures of.  I have a number of great mini album ideas that I plan to work on in the future.

So that was my busy weekend in crafting.  There is much more to come as I prepare for the craft show this coming Sunday.

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