Thursday, November 17, 2011

List Of Super Awesome Ideas I EVENTUALLY Want To Try

Craft Projects That I Want To Try

Alice in Wonderland themed mini album (to finally use those awesome Alice in Wonderland stamps that I hardly ever get to use)
Celtic mini album (to use the awesome celtic knot stamps that I have NEVER used)
TP roll mini album
Coaster mini album (oooo or add the coasters to a cd mini album to have multiple sizes of circles…how cool would that be!!!)
T-shirt yarn bracelets with hand made flowers
Doll house in a box
Rag doll and dresses for doll house in a box
Shaped mini album made on the cricut
Baby themed mini album (gift)
Wedding themed mini album (Vegas wedding) (gift)
Cake circle mini album
Wood burning project
Used amo art work
Wall art made out of different size circles and hung up on the wall.  Mount circles of paper on cake circles.  This would be so cute with pictures of the family.  Or you could do fabric on the cake circles with quilt batting and ribbon to hold the pictures.  This way you could actually change your wall art pictures whenever you wanted.
Christmas tags
Shabby chic cloth flowers (stock up to use them as add ons to other crafts)
Funky button jewelry
Small sewing kit out of a box
Tag hot chocolate holders
Wine cork box for desk
Wine cork desk cup for pens
Wine cork wreath
Snowman kit (use sculpy clay to make the carrot nose, eyes, and mouth.  Make hat and scarf out of fleece)
Button hair clips
Fake flower hair clips
Crocheted flower hair clips
Ribbon bow hair clips
CD case photo boxes to hold craft supplies or cards
Use cd cases to hold clear stamps (mine are starting to get disorganized, so this is a great idea)
I obviously have a TON of cd cases to work with, so I was wondering if you could also make a cool sewing kit gift out of them.  You could use flat embroidering thread holders to put the thread on….put some felt in to hold the needs….get a small pair of scissors.  I think this would be very doable and cute!
CD case photo frame
CD case desk calendar holder
Wall art that looks like a ball of yarn!!!  Take a cake circle, wrap it with the yarn….put in two knitting needs….ta DA!

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