Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fun Craft Night

I had such a fun craft night yesterday!  I got so much done that I was really proud of what I accomplished.  I got my chip board in the mail yesterday to do my mini scrapbook album with, so I made a square one that I haven't taken pictures of yet.  I also started to work on another mini cd album.  I have a TON of empty cd cases that I plan on making mini albums out of as well.  I just need to plan out exactly how I want to do those.

I made three sets of felt little girl hair clips for Christmas that I also haven't taken pictures of yet.  I made the hair clip holders (pictures below) which got done SUPER fast.  If you want to make these they are SO easy to do.  I got wooden boards at Joanns that you might use for wood burning projects (another craft that I haven't started to work on yet). You just cut a piece of quilt batting the size of the front of the board.  Staple the four corners of the batting down to the board.  Cut a piece of fabric at least three inches bigger than the board all the way around so you can wrap the fabric to the bottom completely covering the sides.  Staple one side of the fabric on the back.  Staple the opposite side of the fabric, tugging it snug before you staple.  Fold the opposite sides like a Christmas gift and pull them up snug.  Staple the center area and tug up at the corners and staple the corners.  Staple the rest of these sides.  Choose ribbon that is not really slick so the hair bows won't slip all over the place.  You can test this by taking hair bows and clipping to the ribbon to see if they move around a lot.  Once it is against the batting it will move around less anyway, so this is just a general precaution.  Measure out however many strips of ribbon you want on your board and staple them onto the back just like we did the fabric, tugging to make sure they are snug.  Make sure not to put your ribbons too close together or your hair clips will be too close together when you put them on and may not fit.  If you plan on hanging this on the wall staple another piece of ribbon on the back for the wall hanging section (pictured below in the photo without any hair clips on it). To give the back a more finished look you can take a piece of similarly colored card stock and staple it over everything on the back, like the back of many picture frames you see.  This would be a great Christmas gift for a girl!  You can also do these projects to hold photos for your desk.  I plan on making one of these for my desk sometime in the future.

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