Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 11 - My Pink Stamper's 12 Days of Christmas Challenges

Day 11 of the My Pink Stamper 12 Days of Christmas challenges.
Today we were supposed to make a decoration for our home or a hostess gift.  As I'm not hosting Christmas this year, I opted for the decoration.  I had a couple of round wood blocks in my stash of "items I will make SOMETHING with SOMEDAY" box.  I attached a ribbon to the back of both of them with my stapler, this holds the two together.  Then I covered them with sticky white craft foam.  I used sticky craft foam for the hat and scarf.  I used glitter craft foam for the snow.  I stamped my sentiment on a piece of cardstock and decorated with my new bottles of STICKLES.  I was excited to get my stickles in the mail today and see what all the hype is about them.  It seems that a LOT of people use stickles and the craft store by my house doesn't even sell the stuff.  Anyway, I have three bottles of the glitter glue now, so I should be good for awhile.  Back to the snowman, I stapled another piece of ribbon the back so I can use that to hang the man to the wall.  I used a black foamies marker for the mouth and sticky foam again for the eyes and carrot nose.  I embossed the nose with lines by using pressing down on the embosses really easily in case you've never used it before.  The end result is a super cute little snowman dude.  I was contemplating going out and getting a couple of sticks to glue on for his arms, but we'll see if that happens or not.  :o)  If you don't visit my blog again tomorrow have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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