Friday, December 30, 2011

Encouragement card

Feeling gloomy? Bee happy. I am working on my Random Crafts of Kindness mission project for 2012. I am making sympathy and encouragement cards for local churches to give to people that are having a hard time. I will be putting Bible verses and quotes in the cards in hope that I can help lift their spirits in some way. I know when I was very ill I looked forward to getting mail and hearing from the "outside world." It's important to know that you are not forgotten. This card is for my cousin in Alaska that has been battling a rare illness thay causes her debilitating pain and crippled her ability to walk. Denise I love you and pray you will find peace, comfort and happiness. I also do get well encouragement cards for my mom's best friend Doris. She has battled kidney disease for years, something I am very familiar with, and now she is also battling breast cancer. I can't imagine having to go through chemo and dialysis. She is such a strong person, taking care of her two mentally handicapped adult sons. She has such a kind and good heart. If you ever have any ideas for cards that I can make for these projects please let me know.

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