Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, I wasn't sure if I would talk about this on my blog, but since it helps me to vent a little here we go. You may see me say that I'm not feeling the best every once in awhile because I have a number of health problems that I have been battling over the last year. I have an autoimmune disease called IGA Nephropathy. This disease attacks my kidneys. I periodically still get pain attacks...that is what I am dealing with tonight. The disease really caused a snowball effect on me medically, giving me high blood pressure and a condition called P.O.T.S. in which I can black out due to a sudden drop in blood pressure. I get dizzy spells every once in awhile, but thankfully I am able to stop what I'm doing before I black out completely.

I have always loved crafts ever since I could pick up a pen and draw in church as a child. My mom encouraged me so much that I just had to keep trying new things. I got my first Cricut this year after a week long stay at the hospital where I learned a lot about managing pain. I turned to crafting and art as a therapy to help me focus more on something external instead of focusing so much on what was going on internally.

The craft therapy helps me so much. I love to get comments on the projects that I make. I can't always do everything that I used to, but I can still create. Knowing that I still have this gift to utilize makes things so much better. I suppose that is why I still spend so much time crafting. It is such a stress release for me.

I thank my family and friends for all of your prayers. Things really have gotten so much better. I probably feel bad now because my immune system got too run down when I had bronchitis last week.

Ok so that's my story....or the Reader's Digest version of it. I'm not sure if anyone will really read it all, but it helps to vent about it every once in awhile.

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