Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pneumonia Fun

I spent last night, from 6pm to 4am today in the ER with pneumonia. This just hasn't been the best week for us. I found out that my mom has uterine cancer, my husband and daughter were pukey from some bad restaurant food, and now I have pneumonia. Yet, it really could be worse. The nice bright spot this week was the birth of my beautiful niece Clara.

Next week I will be laid up and off from work hopefully kicking this pneumonia in the butt. By Tuesday I should have my new Gypsy to play with, so that should be something fun to do while I am laying around sick.

I have been watching plenty of YouTube videos about how to use the Gypsy and the fun things that you can do with it. I love all of the cool cards that you can make by welding images together. I have plenty of cartridges to load onto it. I am looking forward to being able to search for one particular die cut, like an elephant, and having my Gypsy tell me every cartridge that I own that has an elephant on it. It is easy to forget what images you have to choose from when you have a lot of cartridges. I will let you know how everything goes with my new Gypsy.

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