Friday, April 13, 2012

Free Digis For Friday - Mommy hugs and Coffee

Hopefully you've gotten a chance to check out this months challenge, if not you can find it HERE

My little girl got into a fight with the kitchen floor and she lost on Thursday.  She has one heck of a fat lip.  She hadn't had a boo boo in quite a long time where we actually had to ice it, so she pretty much freaked out and layed on me while watching the entire Chipmunks Squeakwil.  I'm sure she will be much better later, but this digi was definitely inspired by her....minus the frozen veggies and wash cloth on her fat lip.

A fried posted this saying on Facebook and I said it would be an excellent card, so here is the digi.  :o) 


  1. As I have been waking up at 3:30 every morning, and not by choice mind you, this digi is perfect! Can't wait to use it!

  2. thanks this is perfect I am doing cards to be sent to the Children's ward at the Texas Cancer center and your mommy digi is great thank you.

    1. I make a lot of cards for sickk k, so if you look back through previous posts you will find some other great digis for your project. I love one that I did that has an older girl hugging a younger one and anothet where a young girl helps a boy that fell and got hurt.

  3. Hope your daughter is feeling better! Really love the coffee digi!

  4. Get well soon lil'un xox Many thanks for both digis :)