Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some More Card Poetry

Again feel free to use any of my card poems in your creations, just make sure to include my name somewhere as the author.

Find The Sunshine
By:  Julie McElhinney

I heard you were feeling gloomy
Icky, gross and a little sad,
When you feel all low down and dirty
It’s easy to only focus on the bad.

Don’t forget that there is sunshine
After each day of storms and rain,
And that God gives us all the tools
To manage our stress and pain.

So It’s Your Birthday
By:  Julie McElhinney

So it is your birthday
And you don’t know what to do,
Should you hide under the bed
And wait til the day is through.

Should you jump up and shout
That you made it through another year,
And celebrate a new beginning
Without reservation or fear.

However you celebrate
I just wanted to say
That I wish you a very happy
And special birthday.

Hold On Tight
By Julie McElhinney

I’m sorry that you’ve been stuck in bed
I’m sure there are things you would do instead,
If you could just get up and dance around
I’m sure you’d act like a good ole clown.

Just remember to take it slow
Even though you want to Go Go Go,
You’ll be better so hang on tight
Get plenty of rest and say goodnight.

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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  1. Thank you again, Julie, for another awesome poem...I love them! Keep up the good work! :)