Monday, April 16, 2012

Free Digis For Monday

Hopefully you've gotten a chance to check out this months challenge, if not you can find it HERE

** If you want to use the below poem in any form you must put the title and author with it.  :o)  Thanks**

The Kite
By:  Julie McElhinney

Soaring through the air
Without a single care,
The kite is flying high
So much fun as it goes by.

Soaring through the wind
Watch how it turns and bends,
Now you know that the fun
Has only just begun.

But then it turns too fast
And you know this turns its’ last,
When it crashes to the ground
It makes that CRACKING sound.

You think the fun is gone
You cry and moan along,
But then a familiar hand
Calms you with one small command

They take some tape and wire
And suddenly the kite climbs even higher,
Up through the sky so blue
Now mended and good as new.

Life can be like a kite
Soaring along far too fast,
When suddenly it’s halted
With a painful and sudden crash.

Just remember you have a friend
To bring you tape and glue,
And make your life soar higher
To make your heart brand new.


  1. Thanks for sharing the cute digi images.

  2. Thank you for the digis. I love the kite scene. I also love your kite poem. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown