Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother's Day Poem

Well I didn't have time to upload all of the digis that I drew for this weekend yet, so here is a poem that I wrote just now for Mother's Day.  I hope all of you wonderful mom's have a great weekend.

I Never Knew
By:  Julie McElhinney

Before I became a mother
I never knew the score,
Of what my mother did
Of the heartaches that she bore.

I never knew the sadness
Of seeing your child cry,
Or the fear of leaving her alone
At times when I said goodbye.

I never knew the happiness
Of watching the world through her eyes,
Or watching how fast she grows
And seeing how quickly time flies.

I never knew the bravery
The stoic enduring force,
That’s required of a mother
Along life’s obstacle course.

I’m so proud to have a mother
That made sure I never knew,
All the challenges that she faced
All the hardships she went through.

She let me learn my lessons
For myself along my road,
She taught me God’s grace
How to carry a heavy load.

So thank you mom for your lessons
That you taught me along the way,
For leading by example
With every word you would say.

Thank you for your strength
Your love and bravery too,
For your example has given me
Directions to make it through.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful Julie. THanks for sharing it with us.

  2. AWESOME poem Julie - I LOVE IT!! It reminds me of my Mom who passed several years ago. TY so much! :)

  3. Very touching. I sent it to my daughter, the mom of 3. Thanks for sharing!