Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Sunday Poem

Super Craft Hoarder
By Julie McElhinney

Give me scissors, paper and glue
Leave me alone for an hour or two,
I’ll do some needed craft therapy
And have some time to focus on me.

So what if glitter’s on the floor
I’ll go to the store to buy some more,
I’m making a lasting memory
And setting my creative spirit free.

I’m the MacGyver of my craft
Give me popsicle sticks I’ll make a life raft,
Some might call me the super craft hoarder
But I really need a hundred scrapbook borders.

So what if my craft table is piled high
With unfinished projects that reach to the sky,
I’m happy and that is more important than the rest
For crafting is awesome and sincerely the best.


  1. I love this poem. I was just telling a friend that my Pop did not understand me. He thinks I should give up crafting because i am in ill health. It is crafting that keeps me going. Thank you for all your poems. so many of them express some of my own feelings. Edwina Brown

    1. Edwina,
      It sounds like we are kindred spirits. I know I'm having a truly bad day when I feel too sick to even craft. Crafting and creating new things lifts my spirits so much. Having this blog to be able to encourage others to do the same is really rewarding for me. I love to make cards for other people that are in similar situations that I am. I know that it means SO much to get an unexpected card and know that someone is thinking about you. When you're sick it's so easy to feel like the world forgot all about you. I know that I felt that way. My husband doesn't always understand the "craft therapy" concept, but at least he gives me time to do it. I know my two-year old Meghan loves that I craft and wants to do it right along with me, which isn't always easy. :o)

  2. I don't know why, but I envision someone rapping to this poem. That would be awesome. :o) Ok so someone do a rap to these lyrics and post it on YouTube and give me the link. I just might reward you for it. :::SMILES::::::

  3. Did you have picture of a scrap hoarder to go with this great poem? I better display this in my craft room. Even made a poster for my friends....