Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Tuesday Poem

Once Upon A Time
By Julie McElhinney

I dream of far off places
Of a prince in disguise,
A castle on a hilltop
And sparkling enchanted skies.

I dream of colored rainbows
That enhance the sky above,
I dream of giggles and happiness
Of hearts that are full of love.

I’d rather live my life dreaming
Of the world that I want to see,
Than being low down, dirty and sad
In a place I don’t want to be.

So give me stories of happiness
Of far off places that magic enchanted,
Of a beanstalk that reached to the sky
From a magic been that was planted.

Give me a princess that was a maid
Or that slept a thousand years,
Give me a girl that flooded a room
With the shedding of a few lost tears.

Give me a princess with hair so long
That it reached to the ground from a tower,
Give me the boy who pulled the sword from the stone
And found his own inner power.

For as long as you believe in yourself
These stories will ring true,
Each of us has some magic to share
With everything we say and do.

Are you the wicked witch
Only set out to enrich yourself,
Or are you the selfless man
That went around sharing the wealth.

Maybe you will find a lesson
When you read a story or two,
That will help you choose a path
And decide what you should do.

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