Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Tuesday Poem

Walking Blind
By Julie McElhinney

You feel like you’re on a sinking ship
With no life boat to escape it,
Do you jump and try to swim away
Or play your music and face it?

You feel like you are lost and afraid
In a world that’s lonely and dark,
Wishing the light could show you the way
But you can’t seem to find the spark.

What do you do when you feel alone
When you’re scared to walk the distance,
When you’re weaker than you’ve ever been
You can’t find an exit or an entrance?

You don’t know which way to turn
All you want is a little direction,
Just look to God who’ll carry you
He’ll give you love and protection.

It’s hard for you to see the way
When your eyes are blinded with tears,
Just let Him take your hand
And guide you through the rocky years.

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