Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Wednesday Poem

The Outlook
By Julie McElhinney

What the hell did I do
To piss off the universe,
Someone tell these hardships
To give it up and disperse.

If problems always came in threes
I’d be honkey dory,
But that is just not the theme
To my never-ending story.

As soon as one problem ends
Another one begins,
Who’s first place in this race
It seems like nobody ever wins.

There I go again
Focusing on the worst part,
Maybe it’s finally time
To make a brand new start.

Tomorrow will be
A better kind of day,
All my problems will be here
They won’t just go away.

But my brand new outlook
Will improve continually,
And as long as it is positive
That will make for a better me.

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