Sunday, February 19, 2012

Brainstorming Digi Doodles

Hmmm so I'm thinking about nursery rhymes and doing some digis based on those.  I think that would be a fun topic and I could probably actually spend awhile on it.  :o)  Here's my brainstorming, but I'm not sure if I will do all of these or not.  Let me know if you can think of some more good ones.  I did a fun nursery rhyme quite with embroidery for my cousin that STILL isn't all sewn together yet.  I have to put the binding on....not my favorite part.  I prefer the embroidery and having someone else put the whole thing together.  Oh well, it will get finished SOMEDAY....hopefully before the baby turns 1.  

Hey Diddle Diddle
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Little Miss Muffet
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Old Woman That Lived In A Shoe
Old King Cole
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
Ba Ba Black Sheep

I was also thinking about children's song digis that you could print for your kids to go along with songs when you "Old McDonald Had A Farm" and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."  That's the MOM in me coming out though.  I have been wanting to cut out images on create a critter and glue them to popsicle sticks so we can use them when we sing old McDonald.  For those that don't have a Cricut free digis would be a perfect substitution. 


  1. I really like your ideas, And the images you've posted are so cute and I can find a million uses for them on cards. I have a 9 year old that I sit for so she's a little older and I help her make things to take to school for projects and such what about things about the world things for older kids? Either way what every you do is great And thanks so much for sharing your talent for those who can't even draw stick people!!!!

  2. I will definitely include some things for older kids. Maybe planets or science project digis.
    ....or kids going to school.