Friday, June 29, 2012

A Friday Poem

The Messy Crafter
By Julie McElhinney

I am the messy crafter
Glue and glitter everywhere,
Little bits of scattered paper
Fling through the cluttered air.

I clean up my space
Every once in a while,
Once the mound of scraps
Becomes a high and wobbly pile.

Some may wonder
How I could work in that mess,
How you can find anything
Doesn’t it give you stress.

I answer simply like this
I know where everything hides,
Where the scissors are stores
And where the glue resides.

The embellishments are simply
Five piles to the right,
Buried under two paper stacks
Just slightly out of sight.

The ribbon is in a basket
Under the table on the floor,
You just have to move one box
To find this hidden store.

I know where everything is
In this jumbled mangled heap,
As I craft among these treasures
That I decide to keep.

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