Monday, June 11, 2012

A Monday Poem

When You Count The Final Score
By Julie McElhinney

When the day is cold and lonely
Your head hangs to the floor,
It is easy to imagine
That God doesn’t love you anymore.

When your life is full of troubles
And laden with slamming doors,
It’s easy for you to think
That you’re the one God ignores.

I’ve found through my pain
There’s a lesson in disguise,
And I know I’m not lost
In the view of God’s eyes.

Through all life’s complications
I know I have grown,
From the many seeds of heartache
That the fates have sewn.

I take a moment to be selfless
And look at what I could do,
To make other lives better
By using what I went through.

I know that there’s no greater love
That I could count on more,
And through all of life’s struggles
I know there are better days in store.

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