Monday, June 25, 2012

A Monday Poem

Stress Less
By Julie McElhinney

How do you deal with stress
As you go through your life today,
Do you need a little quiet time
Or do you jump around and play?

Do you scream into a pillow
Or quietly sit and meditate,
I’m sincerely wondering
Which action you choose to take.

Perhaps it all depends
On the stress of the hour,
As to which reaction
Has the most healing power.

I know I love my crafts
They help me drift away,
And it’s important for me
To take the time to pray.

Sometimes I forget
To deal with the struggles
For stress is always there
Giving me more troubles.

Maybe I’ll go outside
For a slow and easy walk,
Or call up an old friend
For a long and detailed talk.

It’s important to take the time
To slow down for a rest,
And find the stress relief
That works for you best.

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