Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Sunday Poem

Oh For The Love Of Sleep
By Julie McElhinney

Sleep oh how I miss you
Drooping heavy eyes,
Staying in bed until morning
When daylight brightens the skies.

Oh for the days
When there was no alarm,
When summer time came
I could sleep well past dawn.

But we all have to grow up
And face responsibility,
And then it is the end of sleep
For you and for me.

Crying babies at two AM
Oh sleep where are you,
Time to get up again
What’s a parent to do?

Four O’clock meeting
And a five minute nap,
Your head hits the table
With a loud telling slap.

Oh for the love of sleep
How I miss you so,
You were a friend that I had lost
So many years ago.

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