Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Thursday Poem

By Julie McElhinney

Seconds go by, minutes and years
Before the day is over you’re surrounded by tears,
When you get up in the middle of the night
You find yourself trembling and searching for the light.

Perhaps you’re not accustomed to sleeping alone
The warmth of arms around you as you’re the only one they hold,
You yearn for the love that will keep you secure
And make the long night so much easier to endure.

Just close your eyes and focus on where you want to be
Under cloudless blue skies by a blue waving sea,
Surrounded by soft pillows with a cool breeze on your face
Full of a new found youth that only time could erase.

Or perhaps you prefer to imagine clear starlit skies
In a world of sweet surrender where we never say goodbye,
The dampened chirping of the bugs in the air
Laying around by a campfire in a world with no cares.

You could spend the whole night dreaming
Of what you really want to see,
And wake up in the morning
Feeling content as can be.

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