Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Saturday Poem

This is Mine
By Julie McElhinney

This is my teddy bear
I take him everywhere,
To the store or to bed at night
He keeps me happy when there is no light.

This is my dinosaur
I love to make him stomp and roar,
I like to take him in my bath
And smash all the bubbles in his path.

This is my soccer ball
I kick it and shout my warrior call,
Kick it, kick it until I score
And then I will kick it some more.

This is my favorite hat
And my big baseball bat,
I love to play catch with my dad
But each time we stop I feel so sad.

This is my silly dad
Who makes me smile when I feel bad,
He tucked me in and taught me to roar
How to kick a ball and dance when I score.

This is my cuddly mom
Who gives me hugs and kisses too,
And tells me each day
A special “I love you.”

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