Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Wednesday Poem

The Slumber Party
By Julie McElhinney

Fuzzy slippers and pink pajamas
Late night movies and giggles galore,
Here comes a crazy evening
That will not be a bore.

Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream
So many snacks of any size,
Whoever can stay up the latest
Will win the slumber party prize.

Frozen bras in the freezer
Of the girls that drifted too soon,
Funny games and stories
And a nose that balances a spoon.

Memories that last a lifetime
Of friendships that we share,
Playing with the cootie catcher
And the best games of truth and dare.

I cherish these funny memories
Of a time when I was young,
And look forward to the future
When my daughter can have this fun.

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