Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Wednesday Poem

I wrote this poem for my husband for our 7 year anniversary, which is traditionally celebrated with copper.  I found four pennies with his birth year, my birth year, our daughter's birth year, and the year we were married. 

Pennies Of Time
By Julie McElhinney

Our lives are like these pennies
Gently aging through the years,
Some shine with their youth
Others darkened by their tears.

But no matter what the age
Or what they’ve been through,
Their worth is all the same
No matter what they may do.

Through the span of time
From the first date to the last,
I’ve come to appreciate
This time from our past.

You’ll find the date that you were born
And the date that I arrived,
You’ll find the date we became two
And the date our union thrived.

Now you have a collection
Of four pennies in your store,
Throughout the span of time
I hope we collect some more.